Free Guide

Become a print and direct mail
expert in 5 simple steps!

Let’s face it, the world of printing and direct mail can seem very confusing because it’s full of abbreviated terms and trade talk. You’re probably in a rush and not interested in the detail… you just want the job done!

The good news is, with the right supplier and a few simple steps, completing a print and direct mail project is actually quite easy.

In this free ‘how to’ guide you will learn 5 simple steps that will ensure you get a quality print and direct mail project each and very time!

If you are serious about protecting the integrity of your brand and all of your print and direct mail communications, this report is for you!

What’s covered?

1. How to create your brief and match it with the right supplier
2. How to make sure your quote matches your brief
3. How to supply your artwork correctly to avoid any last minute delays
4. How to ensure your campaign has maximum effectiveness
5. What to look for when viewing proofs, and on completion of your project